Hands-on Demonstrations

Haptics Symposium strongly encourages demonstrations of all kinds - for example, of novel developments in haptics-related devices, software or experiments that are of interest to the conference audience.

Submission of hands-on demonstrations is open to all members of the haptics research community. Authors of accepted papers are particularly welcome to apply for demonstration space to support their presentation. Demonstrations must be free of commercial content; companies wishing to showcase products should apply for exhibitor status.


Submission Method

Proposals for hands-on demonstrations should be submitted using this Google Form.

Each submission will include the following items:

Authors should submit a supplemental video that describes their demonstration, preferably with motivation for the work.

Videos will be used for promotional purposes at the conference, and all videos will be compiled into a digest video that will be posted on the conference website and uploaded to YouTube to showcase current research in haptics. In consideration of this, please do not include any material in your video that you consider confidential.

When submitting a video, please follow these guidelines:

Accessibility and Inclusion

We strongly encourage authors to prepare an accessible PDF and video for all submissions, as reviewers may have accessibility needs. We also encourage authors to use inclusive language. We encourage authors to review the Guide to Inclusive and Accessible Submissions posted on the website prior to submission.

Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed by the Demos & Exhibits Co-Chairs to ensure all demos are of interest to conference attendees and free from commercial content.


The submitted title, author list, 1 page PDF and image will be included in the electronic proceedings distributed to conference attendees, but not archived on IEEExplore. As described above, all demonstration videos will be compiled into a digest video that will be posted on the conference website and uploaded to YouTube.

Demonstration Details

Demonstrations will be assigned to specific sessions on Monday and Tuesday of the conference in which authors are required to be near their demo table.

We strongly recommend that demonstrators have two or more persons at their table during the session, to enable technical discussions to take place without having to pause the hands-on demo. If it is not possible to have more than one person present, then the demonstrator may contact the demo chairs in advance of the conference to request assistance from a student volunteer.

Demonstrators are encouraged to bring a poster to accompany their demo.

Each demonstration will be assigned a space at the conference. The space will include a table, chairs, electrical power, and poster board.


Each demo will be allocated a space that includes a 72” by 30” (183 cm by 76 cm) table, two chairs, one six-outlet power strip (120 V, 60 Hz, type B North America plugs), and a 8’ by 4’ (2.4 m by 1.2 m) board for mounting a poster. Demo presenters are invited to set up their demos on Sunday, April 7 after 7:30 p.m. Demos should be removed by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10 (the last day of the conference).


Any questions about hands-on demonstrations can be addressed to the Demonstrations and Exhibits Co-Chairs (Ad Spiers and Cara M. Nunez) at demos@hapticssymposium.org.