IEEE Transactions on Haptics Poster Session

Last updated: April 5, 2024.

Monday, April 8, 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
- Vista del Mar

IEEE ToH posters will be presented during an IEEE ToH poster session 5:00 to 6:30pm on Monday, April 8 in a joint session alongside Work-in-Progress Poster session.

IEEE ToH Posters Preview Videos Playlist

ToH1: A Novel Refreshable Braille Display Based on the Layered Electromagnetic Driving Mechanism of Braille Dots
Hao Chen, Wentao Tao, Chang Liu, Qi Shen, Yuecheng Wu, Liuxia Ruan, Wenzhen Yang
ToH2: Biomechanically-Consistent Skin Stretch as an Intuitive Mechanism for Sensory Feedback: A Preliminary Investigation in the Lower Limb
Jenny A. Kent
ToH3: Faster Indentation Influences Skin Deformation To Reduce Tactile Discriminability of Compliant Objects
Bingxu Li, Steven Conrad Hauser, Gregory J. Gerling
ToH4: General Discretization Method for Enhanced Kinesthetic Haptic Stability
Leonam Pecly, Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad
ToH5: Survey on Hand-Based Haptic Interaction for Virtual Reality
Qianqian Tong, Wenxuan Wei, Yuru Zhang, Jing Xiao, Dangxiao Wang
ToH6: Cable-Driven Haptic Interface With Movable Bases Achieving Maximum Workspace and Isotropic Force Exertion
Jinhyuk Yoon, Donghyeon Lee, Junyong Bang, Hyung Gon Shin, Wan Kyun Chung, Keehoon Kim, Seungmoon Choi
ToH7: Defining Allowable Stimulus Ranges for Position and Force Controlled Cutaneous Cues
Janelle P. Clark, Marcia K. O’Malley
ToH8: Social and Emotional Touch Between Romantic Partners is Affectively More Pleasant Due to Finely Tuned Contact Interactions
Shan Xu, Gregory J. Gerling
ToH9: Focused vibrotactile stimuli from a wearable sparse array of actuators
Valerie de Vlam, Michael Wiertlewski, Yasemin Vardar
ToH10: Interday Reliability of Upper-limb Geometric MyoPassivity Map for Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Xingyuan Zhou, Peter Paik, Rory O'Keeffe, S. Farokh Atashzar
ToH11: Investigating the Haptic Perception of Directional Information Within a Handle
Inès Lacote, Claudio Pacchierotti, Marie Babel, David Gueorguiev, Maud Marchal
ToH12: Mechanofluidic Instability-Driven Wearable Textile Vibrotactor
Nathaniel Fino, Barclay Jumet, Zane Zook, Daniel Preston, Marcia O'Malley
ToH13: On the Correlation Between Tactile Stimulation and Pleasantness
Nicole D'Aurizio, Teresa Ramundo, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Alessandro Moscatelli, Domenico Prattichizzo
Preview video (YouTube)
ToH14: Tactile Features of Human Finger Contact Motor Primitives
Qianqian Tian, Jixiao Liu, Kuo Liu, Shijie Guo
ToH15: Tactile Feedback in Upper Limb Prosthetics: A Pilot Study on Trans-Radial Amputees Comparing Different Haptic Modalities
Federica Barontini, Alina Obermeier, Manuel Catalano, Simone Fani, Giorgio Grioli, Matteo Bianchi, Antonio Bicchi, Eike Jakubowitz
Preview video (YouTube)
ToH16: Ultraloop: Active lateral force feedback using resonant traveling waves
Zhaochong Cai, Michael Wiertlewski
ToH17: A Perceptual Model-Based Approach to Plausible Authoring of Vibration for the Haptic Metaverse
Robert Rosenkranz, M. Ercan Altinsoy
Preview video (YouTube)
ToH18: Perceived Realism of Virtual Textures Rendered by a Vibrotactile Wearable Ring Display
Rebecca Fenton Friesen, Yasemin Vardar
Preview video (YouTube)
ToH19: Between-Tactor Display Using Dynamic Tactile Stimuli for Directional Cueing in Vibrating Environments
Ryo Eguchi, David Vacek, Cole Godzinski, Allison M. Okamura
ToH20: Haptic Guidance and Haptic Error Amplification in a Virtual Surgical Robotic Training Environment
Yousi A. Oquendo, Margaret M. Coad, Sherry M. Wren, Thomas S. Lendvay, Ilana Nisky, Anthony M. Jarc, Allison M. Okamura, Zonghe Chua
ToH21: Haptic Magnetism
Tor-Salve Dalsgaard, Kasper Hornbæk, Joanna Bergström
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ToH22: How Positioning Wearable Haptic Interfaces on Limbs Influences Virtual Embodiment
Anany Dwivedi, Shihan Yu, Chenxu Hao, Gionata Salvietti, Domenico Prattichizzo, Philipp Beckerle
Preview video (YouTube)
ToH23: Interpersonal Transmission of Vibrotactile Feedback Via Smart Bracelets: Mechanics and Perception
Taku Hachisu, Gregory Reardon, Yitian Shao, Kenji Suzuki, Yon Visell
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ToH24: Investigating the Effects of Intensity and Frequency on Vibrotactile Spatial Acuity
Bingjian Huang, Paul H. Dietz, Daniel Wigdor
ToH25: RecHap: An Interactive Recommender System For Navigating a Large Number of Mid-Air Haptic Designs
Karthikan Theivendran, Andy Wu, William Frier, Oliver Schneider

IEEE Transactions on Haptics Poster Layout

IEEE Transactions on Haptics Poster Layout